iCall - it`s an iPhone app to record, listen and share any incoming and outgoing business calls or interviews


Core features

  • Unlimited Call

    You may record unlimited number of incoming and outgoing calls just in a few easy steps

  • High Quality

    We guarantee high quality voice recording on both sides, doesn`t matter whence and where you`re calling

  • Share Recordings
    to Anyone

    You may share your recordings to anyone via any social media: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram etc.

  • Multi Language

    iCall application is available in different languages such as English, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, French, German and more.


  • Stunning app!
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    • 5

    Fast, easy-to-use, intuitive. Helped me on numerous occasions. An absolute must for coaching & learning.

  • Literally saved my career
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    • 5

    I can be quite forgetful, and this app saved me a lot of nerves and sheets of papers during numerous meetings & business calls.

  • A necessary tool in journalist’s kit
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    I can’t stress enough how helpful this app has been with my first interviews at the beginning of my career.

Frequently Asked Questions about iCall: Fill the Gaps

To save you time we have prepared a section with popular questions about our call recorder. This will help you sort out your doubts about using the iCall App.

Most Popular Questions about iCall
The recorder phone call iCall is an automatic call recording app for saving conversations with any duration. It is developed for the iPhone and iPad to record the outgoing call as well as the incoming one. You can use it for personal or business reasons without limits of recordings number. However, browsing through the iCall page in AppStore, you can still have a few questions about the recorder. Let’s find out how everything works!
For whom can iCall be useful?

ICall users are very different in status. This Call Recorder App is useful for both business and office workers as well as students. Using iCall, you are always confident that both incoming and outgoing calls will be saved. We are convinced that Call Recorder automatic will help each of you, as you can:

• Save the names of contracts or laws when making a business call. You no longer need to look for a piece of paper and a pen, trying to remember the phrase of the interlocutor.
• Record pleasant conversations with loved ones. It can be congratulations, compliments or thanks. Save the happy moments.
• Catch a new idea or suggestion. Often, outstanding ideas come to mind in immediate situations. Thanks to iCall you save them in memory.
• Provide yourself with evidence. Recorded calls can help with article writing or interviewing.

ICall app and call recording save your business call or a pleasant conversation with your close. Call Recorder iCall benefits to all of you. If you want a record app, that is such an opportunity.

How does Call Recorder work?
To record calls, you have to download Call Recorder iCall on your iPhone or iPad. After opening the application, click on the “Record” button. Your conversations will be recorded, using the recorder app over the phone call. You do not need to wait while the recording is being processed - open the list and replay records all calls. At your disposal listening, managing and recorded calls sharing.
How do I access my recordings?
After the conversation, you need to go to the iCall application and go to the “All Records” section. All the recordings will automatically be displayed there. You will see a list of all recorded calls through the recorder. To work with the call recording, you must select the desired one and click on it. That is how you access recordings. Now you can listen to the recording, edit and share the phone conversation. Besides, each conversation recording is marked with a date and time. You definitely won't get confused among recordings.
What subscription plans are available?
Among subscription plans, there is a subscription for a week, month or year. Choosing a weekly subscription, you get the opportunity to use the application for free the first three days. However, this does not limit you to the size of the entries or the number. Please note that the subscription will be renewed at the end of the paid period. If you do not cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the period or do not turn off the subscription renewal, the subscription will be renewed automatically.
Extra Features
Unlike other call record services, iCall does not limit you in the number and duration of records. You should not worry that the conversation will not be recorded or the recording quality will be poor. In addition to the benefits, you can contact customer service and report problems as well as ask for help. Our developers constantly optimize each recording feature. Make your life easier – record simply with Call Recorder iCall!
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